A Year of Service for a Lifetime of Change

My name is Haley Whitson! I graduated from Hendrix College in May and I am excited for this next step in my life, doing a year of service in Tucson, AZ (2019-2020).

This opportunity allows me to be invited into community and relationship, with a community that has been active and caring for one another long before I arrived, and will continue serving one another long after I am gone. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be working with and learning from those, at a community partner organization, CHRPA (Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona), that serves people in Tucson and Pima County.

Thank you for the many different ways you, as part of my broader community have and will continue to support me and the community of Tucson I will be serving alongside, throughout this year.

Some of the ways you can further support me throughout this year can be simply keeping me and the Tucson community in your thoughts and prayers. Also I invite you to donate as you are able, for ANY amount helps to support the Tucson Borderlands program and my year of service. I have a goal of raising $4,000. Please follow this link to find my personal fundraising page: https://donorbox.org/haley-w

To donate by mail, send funds directly to the Tucson Borderlands YAV office, with checks made out to Tucson Borderlands YAV, my name can be put on the memo line to indicate you would like to contribute to my personal fundraising.


Tucson Borderlands YAV

400 E University

Tucson, AZ 85705

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